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    Blind date

    • Year Released: 1987
    Blind Date is a 1987 romantic comedy film, directed by Blake Edwards and starring Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis. The film was originally intended for the recently married Madonna and Sean Penn, but both backed out at the last minute. Bruce Willis' character in the film was deliberately written so as to be different from the character he had played in the TV series Moonlighting. Blind Date earned mostly negative reviews from critics, but was a financial success and opened at number one at the box office. Walter Davis (Willis) allows his brother, Ted (Phil Hartman), to set him up on a blind date with his wife's cousin, Nadia (Basinger). Nadia is shy and the two experience some awkwardness. However, as the evening goes on, Nadia begins to drink and behave in a wild manner. (A warning about her behavior under the influence of alcohol had been given by Ted but disregarded by Walter, thinking it was a joke.) To make matters worse, Nadia's jealous ex-boyfriend, David (John Larroquette), exacerbates the situation by stalking the couple all night. Walter ends up driven insane by Nadia's mishaps, wreaking havoc at a party and getting arrested after menacing David with a mugger's revolver. He
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    The buddy holly story

    • Year Released: 1978
    The Buddy Holly Story is a 1978 biographical film which tells the life story of rock musician Buddy Holly. It stars Gary Busey, Don Stroud, Charles Martin Smith, Conrad Janis, William Jordan, and Maria Richwine, who played Maria Elena Holly. The film was adapted by Robert Gittler from Buddy Holly: His Life and Music, the biography of Holly by John Goldrosen. It was directed by Steve Rash. The film opens with Buddy Holly's beginnings as a teenager in Lubbock, Texas and his emergence into the world of rock and roll with his fictional good friends and bandmates, drummer Jesse Charles (Don Stroud) and bass player Ray Bob Simmons (Charles Martin Smith), soon to be known as The Crickets. Their first break comes when they are brought to Nashville, Tennessee to record, but Buddy's vision soon clashes with the producers' rigid ideas of how the music should sound and he walks out. Eventually, he finds a more flexible producer, Ross Turner (Conrad Janis), who, after listening to their audition, very reluctantly allows Buddy and the Crickets to make music the way they want. While there, he meets Turner's secretary, Maria Elena Santiago (Maria Richwine). His budding romance with her nearly ends
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