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    • Year Released: 1990
    Cadence is a 1990 film directed by (and starring) Martin Sheen, in which Charlie Sheen plays an inmate in a United States Army stockade in West Germany during the 1960s. Sheen plays alongside his father Martin Sheen and brother Ramon Estevez. The film is based on a novel by Gordon Weaver. Pfc. Franklin Bean (Charlie Sheen) gets drunk and goes AWOL upon the death of his father. As punishment, he is thrown into a stockade populated entirely by black inmates. But instead of giving into racism, Bean joins forces with his fellow inmates and rises up against the bigoted prison warden, MSgt. Otis McKinney (Martin Sheen).
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    • Year Released: 1988
    Demonwarp is a 1987 science fiction/horror film directed by Emmett Alston and starring George Kennedy. The film begins with Kennedy's character talking to his daughter inside their cabin. Suddenly a Bigfoot-like animal brakes in and takes away the girl. Some teenage campers arrive and they too eventually meet the Bigfoot, with many of them being killed or captured. It is later discovered that one of the campers came there to find his uncle. His uncle is later found to be the Bigfoot, and that a bigoted Catholic priest used him for his own evil plans. Actually, the priest thinks an alien who arrived from an unknown planet 100 years ago is an angel who is here to be served by him. After unearthing such alien conspiracy and a horde of mindless zombies, the hidden spacecraft is destroyed inside the cave they used to hide it. Rick Albert and executive producer Mark Amin decided that their first film production should be a genre film, using as many special effects and monsters as the small $250,000 budget could support. To save costs, Rick Albert recruited many of his friends, who were lawyers, to appropriately play the army of zombies. The film was edited on a movieola using 35 mm
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    Precious find

    • Year Released: 1996
    Precious Find is a 1996 science fiction film directed by Philippe Mora. The film is set on the Moon, in year 2049. In the future. At Moon City, fate brings three adventurers together: a space ship owner, a young prospector and a shady entrepreneur who are heading for gold on an asteroid. There they find a mine. After the prospector had returned to Moon City to get water, he is followed by two soldiers of fortune, a man and a woman. The two join the three adventures. Frictions occur because the gold rush gives the entrepreneur a bad temper; the prospector and the woman get romantically involved; a monster attacks; and bandits visit the place. The movie ends with the death of the bandits and the entrepreneur, while the space ship owner, the prospector and the woman are going for new adventures searching for gold. The story is loosely based on The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
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    Tough guys

    • Year Released: 1986
    Tough Guys is a 1986 comedy starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Eli Wallach and Dana Carvey. It was directed by Jeff Kanew. Lancaster and Douglas made several films together, including I Walk Alone (1948), Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957), The Devil's Disciple (1959), and Seven Days in May (1964), becoming something of a team in the public's eye. Douglas was always second-billed under Lancaster but, with the exception of I Walk Alone, in which Douglas played a villain, their roles were more or less the same size. Tough Guys was their final collaboration. Upon its digital release in 2011, film critic Andrew Moser called Tough Guys "The best film you've never seen", and named it the top film of the 1980s. Adolph Caesar was slated to appear in this film but died from complications from a heart attack before the film was finished. Harry Doyle (Lancaster) and Archie Long (Douglas) are gangsters who have served a 30-year prison sentence for hijacking a Southern Pacific train called The Gold Coast Flyer, ready to collect their Social Security. Upon release, they are briefed on how their new lives will be. Harry, at age 72, is committed to a retirement community, despite his desire to
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