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    A cat in the brain

    • Year Released: 1990
    Cat in the Brain (aka Un Gatto nel cervello, Nightmare Concert, I volti del terrore) is a 1990 Italian horror-slasher film written and directed by the "Italian godfather of gore" giallo and cult horror filmmaker, Lucio Fulci. Beloved among horror film fans, Lucio Fulci was recognized by Fangoria Magazine with its horror "Hall of Fame" membership which includes other famous horror filmmakers and creators such as Dario Argento, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Stephen King, Sam Raimi, Mario Bava, and David Cronenberg. Lucio Fulci is best remembered for his delirious hallucinatory and visceral horror films of the late 1970s and early 1980s, films such as Cat in the Brain. Cat in the Brain is notable for being one of Lucio Fulci’s final films, one that self-reflexively sums up his career. The film is a meta-film in which the director appears playing himself, a tortured horror filmmaker who is driven by the violent visions that he experiences both behind the camera and off the set. Feeling like he’s losing his grip on reality and disturbed by murderous fantasies, Fulci consults a psychotherapist. The "shrink" exploits the director’s vulnerabilities to his own murderous ends. Cat in the
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