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    • Year Released: 2000
    Epoch is a 2001 science fiction film directed by Matt Codd, starring David Keith, Stephanie Niznik, Brian Thompson and, Shannon Lee. In it, a strange monolith is discovered, and the team sent to study it encounters repeated disasters. Four billion years ago, when life forms had not yet developed on Earth, a cosmic object fell in the seas of our planet. In modern times in the mountains of Bhutan, a huge artifact makes its way to the surface, producing a powerful electromagnetic pulse, which causes worldwide black-outs. Alarmed by the electromagnetic phenomenon and under request of the government of Buthan, the American NSA launches a military and scientific reconnaissance operation on site, led by Dr. KC Czaban (Stephanie Niznik) with the technical assistance of the terminally-ill engineer Mason Rand (David Keith), picked up on the Mexican border just in time for the mission. The team finds the artifact suspended in the air and object of veneration from the natives, which gave it the name Torus and consider it a gift from the gods with extraordinary healing proprieties. The US team succeeds in entering inside Torus, but an air strike by the Chinese Army against the artifact prompts
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