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    The man on the roof

    • Year Released: 1976
    The Man on the Roof (Swedish: Mannen på taket) is a 1976 Swedish film directed by Bo Widerberg, based on the 1971 novel The Abominable Man by Sjöwall and Wahlöö. The film is a crime thriller about the police officer Martin Beck trying to catch a killer, and it reaches its climax when the killer barricades himself on a roof top in central Stockholm with an automatic rifle. A memorable scene is where a Bell 206 crashes in Odenplan. Widerberg was inspired by the 1971 film The French Connection. The film won two Guldbagge Awards in 1977, for Best Film and Best Actor (Håkan Serner). A policeman (Nyman) who is a patient at a hospital in Stockholm is brutally murdered, stabbed repeatedly with a bayonet. The investigation that follows is led by Martin Beck and Einar Rönn. It turns out that the murdered man had sadistic tendencies and was known among his colleagues for abusing his police privileges and brutalizing civilians. Although his colleagues had been aware of his behaviour, the police force's esprit de corps had suppressed complaints about him and prevented any reprisals. The investigation proceeds, and finally Beck and his team find a trail that leads to the murderer, who turns out
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