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    3 chains o' gold

    • Year Released: 1994
    3 Chains o' Gold is a 1994 direct-to-video film produced and directed by Prince and starring Prince and The New Power Generation. It is a video collection, tied together with a loose plotline. The film was the 69th best-selling video of 1994. The story begins with the assassination of Egyptian Princess Mayte's father by seven unknown assailants. Mayte believes that the assassins were after the sacred "3 Chains of Gold". She sets out to meet with Prince, as she believes he is the only one that can protect the chains from the seven assassins. What follows is a romance between Prince and Mayte, and Prince organizing the assassination of the assailants (accompanied by the song "7"). At the end of the film, prior to the credits, is an explanation of the name change, attributing it to Prince's desire to be "reborn" and start a perfect life: Upon the seventh day of the sixth month Nineteen hundred and ninety-three Marking the beginning and ending of cycles of creation Prince, reaching the balance of thirty-five years, Put into practice the precepts of perfection: Voicing bliss through the freedom of being one's self Incarnating the New Power Generation into The close of the six periods of
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    Graffiti bridge

    • Year Released: 1990
    Graffiti Bridge is a 1990 drama/musical written, directed, and starring Prince. It is a sequel to his first film, Purple Rain, though notorious for its relatively low quality and poor performance at the box-office. However, like Purple Rain, it was accompanied by a soundtrack album titled after the film. The plot re-joins Purple Rain's lead character The Kid (Prince), in his future life as a performer and club owner. Morris (Morris Day), his rival from Purple Rain, returns as co-owner of The Kid's club, Glam Slam, as well as several others in the area, including his mainstay, Pandemonium. The Kid is forced into paying Morris $10,000 so Morris can pay off the mayor; The Kid in turn can keep co-ownership of his club. Losing clientele, The Kid challenges Morris to a music battle for ownership of Glam Slam. While Prince's earlier theatrical failures Under the Cherry Moon and Sign o' the Times have become cult classics, Graffiti Bridge has yet to achieve any status outside its initial box-office flop. The critical response for the film was far from favorable, with many reviewers arguing that Prince was attempting to position himself as a "Christ-like" figure, particularly during the
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