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    The woman in red

    • Year Released: 1984
    The Woman in Red is a 1984 romantic comedy film starring and directed by Gene Wilder. It co-stars Charles Grodin, Gilda Radner, Joseph Bologna, Judith Ivey and Kelly LeBrock. San Francisco ad man Teddy Pierce is amused by, then obsessed with a beautiful woman whose red dress goes whooshing over her head from a gust of wind as she crosses a grate. Teddy is happily married to Didi, but he can't get this woman out of his mind. Encouraged by his friends Buddy, Joe and Michael, he tries to ask her for a date but mistakenly phones Ms. Milner, a plain ad-agency employee, instead. Teddy ultimately does become acquainted with the woman, a model named Charlotte. He begins using elaborate ruses to see her socially without his wife finding out. Meanwhile, he incurs the wrath of Ms. Milner, whom he stands up. Events come to a head in Charlotte's high-rise apartment, where she invites Teddy into her bed. He is thrilled until her airline pilot husband suddenly comes home. Teddy ends up on a ledge, where passersby below believe he is a potential suicide about to jump. The sub plot of the film concerns Teddy's friendship with his three friends (Buddy, Joey and Michael), their intimate relationships
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