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Best Colorfinger albums

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    Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun

    Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun is an album by Colorfinger, released in 1990 on Shindig Records. The album started out as a solo album for future Everclear singer Art Alexakis. Before the album was complete, he produced a handful of cassette copies with the same title under the name Alexakis for distribution at the Gavin Convention. The differences between the Alexakis version and the Colorfinger version is that Alexakis' does not include "Separation" but does include "The Not So Easy Hoe (Fun With The Gay Bar Song)", which has not appeared anywhere else. Also, the Alexakis version included rough mixes of all of the songs. When the album was nearly finished, Art formed a band with several of the musicians who worked on the album under the name Colorfinger. They decided to release the record under the band's name rather than as an Art Alexakis solo album. The album was issued on Art's own Shindig Records. The label produced 1000 copies of the CD, most of which were given out as promos to radio stations and music media. By the time the band embarked on a US tour in support of the album, they had completely run out of copies on CD. (Cassette copies were still readily
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    Demonstration was a promotional EP by Colorfinger. This is the only other official release by the band besides their album, Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun, although this release was never meant to be for sale. In fact, the spine says "PROMO ONLY NOT FOR SALE." This was only released on audio cassette. This release is usually known as the Promotional Demonstration EP, but the title appears to be Demonstration, as that is what appears on the spine as well as on the tape label, with the front saying Demonstration (Promotional). The first two songs, "Heartspark Dollarsign" and "The Twistinside", were later re-recorded by Everclear, frontman Art Alexakis' next band, for their album Sparkle and Fade. Two of the other songs were covers, of Patsy Cline's "I Fall to Pieces" and John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High".
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