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    • Year Released: 1959
    Raggare! (in Great Britain released as Blackjackets) is a 1959 Swedish drama film directed by Olle Hellbom, about a gang of car driving youngsters who hang out in a café outside Stockholm. The coolest among the youngsters, Roffe, kidnaps his girlfriend when discovering that she hangs out with guys from another gang.
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    The passion of anna

    • Year Released: 1969
    The Passion of Anna is a 1969 Swedish drama film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. Its original Swedish title is En passion, which means "A passion". Bergman was awarded Best Director at the 1971 National Society of Film Critics Awards for the film. The audience is introduced to Andreas Winkelman, a man living alone and emotionally desolate after the recent demise of his marriage. He meets Anna, who is grieving the recent deaths of her husband and son. She uses a cane as a result of the car crash that killed them. While Anna uses Andreas' phone, he listens to her conversation, after which she departs visibly distraught. Anna has left her handbag behind and Andreas searches it, finding and reading a letter from her husband that will later prove she is deceptive. Andreas is friends with a married couple, Eva and Elis (mutual friends of Anna) who are also in the midst of psychological turmoil. Elis is a photographer who organizes his work based on emotion. Eva feels Elis has grown tired of her and has problems sleeping. One night while Elis is away, Eva visits Andreas, as she is bored and lonely. They listen to music and drink wine, which makes them drowsy, and finally Eva
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