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    Os cosmonautas

    Os Cosmonautas is a 1960's Brazilian movie. It was filmed on Rio de Janeiro like most of the comedies of the time. Dr. Inᅢᄀcio, the rocket scientist in the film, after having success on the launching of the Nacionalista I (that was tripulated by a monkey) decided to launch another rocket but this time with people. Because of that Inᅢᄀcio called the chief of the FBI (Federaᅢ댃o Brasileira de Investigaᅢ대ᄉes) to search for people rejected by the society or simply useless people (because the success of the mission was uncertain so it was better to end killing a person that almost nobody would care if died because of a fail on the rocketship.) and found. There were two really useless people:A unsuccessful vacuum cleaner seller named Gagarino (probably to satiraze Yuri Gagarin) that his boss was about to fire because he wasn't able to sell one single vacuum and a robber that they found on the way. While the workers were doing the final stuff to Gagarino accidentally launched the ship they neded to do everything again and when they where finally putting the crew the robber forces Otelo's character to enter in the ship and makes he (Grande Otelo's character)and Gagarino go to the ship
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