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    Manhattan baby

    • Year Released: 1982
    Manhattan Baby (also known as L' Occhio del male, Eye of the Evil Dead, Evil Eye and The Possessed) is a 1982 Italian horror film. Shot in Rome and New York it was directed by Lucio Fulci and stars Christopher Connelly and Martha Taylor. The story revolves around the daughter of an Egyptologist who is possessed by an evil spirit. Upon returning home to Manhattan, the spirit causes a number of unexplained deaths. On holiday in Egypt with George and Emily Hacker (Christopher Connelly and Martha Taylor), her archaeologist father and journalist mother, 10-year-old Susie Hacker (Brigitta Boccoli) is approached by a mysterious blind woman, who gives her an amulet with a blue-jewled eye in the center. Soon after, George is struck blind by a bright piercing blue light when he enters a previously unexplored tomb. But his assistant is not so lucky as he falls from a false floor bottom to his death on spikes in a booby-trapped chamber. Upon arrival back in New York, George is informed that the loss of his eyesight will only be temporary. Susie begins to act strangely, and her younger brother Tommy (Giovanni Frezza), who stayed behind in New York with the family's au pair Jamie Lee (Cinzia De
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