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    Baby geniuses

    • Year Released: 1999
    Baby Geniuses is a 1999 family-oriented comedy film directed by Bob Clark, rated PG for "some rude behavior and dialogue". It stars Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd. Computer-generated imagery effects were used to digitally superimpose moving lips over babies' mouths, an effect similarly used in Clutch Cargo, but many critics pointed the effect out as being unnerving. In 2004 it was followed by a sequel, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, which had an even worse critical reaction than the original and also bombed at the box-office. Both films currently reside in Internet Movie Database's Bottom 100 list. Two scientists, Dr. Elena Kinder (Kathleen Turner) and Dr. Heep (Christopher Lloyd), use genius baby studies to fund their BabyCo theme park. At age two, the children are due to 'cross over', learn to talk, and forget their universal knowledge. One mischievous toddler, Sylvester, labeled Sly, makes repeated attempts to escape the "Kinder" lab and one night, he actually succeeds. What Sly does not expect is to run into his twin, Whit, in a mall playground. Although Sly and Whit share a telepathic bond, they have no idea of each other's existence. While the guards from the lab
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    • Year Released: 1994
    Junior is a 1994 American comedy film written by Kevin Wade and Chris Conrad and directed by Ivan Reitman. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a scientist who undergoes a male pregnancy as part of a scientific experiment. Gynecologist Dr. Alex Hesse (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has a nightmare about urinating infants in a library. In the real world, he and his colleague Dr. Larry Arbogast (Danny DeVito) have invented a fertility drug, "Expectane", that is supposed to reduce the chances of a woman's body rejecting an embryo and thus prevent a miscarriage. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to test it on women since the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved the drug; so Hesse and Arbogast move forward in their research. In response, Hesse breaks into the laboratory and locks himself in. The head of the review board, Noah Banes, informs Arbogast that while the FDA has denied their team the right of human experimentation, the team has managed to receive a donation by Dr. Diana Reddin (Emma Thompson) from the ovum cryogenics department. When Hesse questions the chances of a woman taking an unapproved drug during pregnancy, Arbogast reveals that there is no need to identify the
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