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    Lewis and clark and george

    • Year Released: 1997
    Lewis and Clark and George is a 1996 comedy crime thriller film directed by Rod McCall. Lewis and Clark and George opens with Salvator Xuereb (playing Lewis) and Dan Gunther (Clark) at a water tank site wearing prison jump suits. The scene is desert scrub and the two state prison escapees have just located a buried metal box with a loaded revolver, treasure map, and Cuban cigars. A road trip begins as the two hike off through the desert to find the treasure. Two of the speeded-up sequences, including the one where the blue Cadillac arrives at the café, challenged the laws of physics. A few minor sounds were flops. Chang's telephone shown on screen was one with a Western Electric C-4A ringer but the ringing sound used was from the ringer of an Automatic Electric phone. The siren sounds in two scenes were warped by the film staff to end with a downward pitch which didn't sound real. Locations used are in or near Hillsboro, Sierra County, New Mexico. Other locations include Kingston and the A & B Drive In in Truth or Consequences. After Lewis, Clark, and George, the rest of the cast includes:
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