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    Trees 2: the root of all evil

    • Year Released: 2004
    Trees 2: The Root of All Evil (2004), from writer/director Michael Pleckaitis (Silent), is the sequel to the cult-classic Trees. Eager to continue on their initial success, Michael and Producer Andrew Andrew Gernhard, made The Root of All Evil, which used many of the same characters as Trees. With a significantly higher budget, Root was a full-scale production, complete with a Hollywood-experienced crew and known talent in front of the lens. Root of All Evil premiered at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut on March 20, 2004 and was released on DVD in 2005. Just as Trees was a Jaws parody, this film parodies Jaws 2. In this sequel to Trees, killer pine trees attack on Christmas Eve. Original stars Kevin McCauley and Phil Gardiner are reunited with original cast members as well as former TV star Ron Palillo (Welcome Back, Kotter) and the gorgeous and talented LA model, Brandi Lynn Coppock. Traumatized by the climax of the first movie, in which a "Great White Pine" tore apart the pickup truck piloted by Squint, the salty lumberjack, Forest Ranger Mark Cody wets himself in panic at the mere sight of a tree. He is just beginning to pull himself together, thanks to
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