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    The great outdoors

    • Year Released: 1988
    The Great Outdoors is a 1988 American comedy film starring Dan Aykroyd and John Candy. Annette Bening and Stephanie Faracy co-star. Robert Prosky and Lewis Arquette have supporting roles. The film was directed by Howard Deutch and written and produced by John Hughes. Chicago area resident Chester "Chet" Ripley (John Candy), his wife, Connie (Stephanie Faracy), and their two sons, Buck (Chris Young) and Ben (Ian Giatti), are on vacation at a lake resort in Pechoggin, Wisconsin during the summer. Chet is a fun-loving father and husband looking for a get away for his family. All is going as planned when four unexpected visitors show up with a video camera in hand at the lake resort lodge. Having decided not to vacation in Europe, Connie's sister, Kate (Annette Bening), Kate's know-it-all investment broker husband, Roman Craig (Dan Aykroyd), and their twin daughters, Mara (Rebecca Gordon) and Cara (Hilary Gordon), crash the vacation. Roman is a typical Mercedes driving (license-plate number ROMAN 1), investment focused, '80s yuppie. He and Kate live in the posh Chicago suburb of Oak Park. Roman seems to take pleasure in making sure others are well aware of his wealth and (supposed)
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