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    Lovers lane

    • Year Released: 1999
    Lovers Lane is a 1999 American slasher film starring Erin J. Dean, Riley Smith, Sarah Lancaster and Anna Faris. Thirteen years ago, on Valentine's Day at the local lovers lane, Dee-Dee (Diedre Kilgore) and Jimmy (Carter Roy) are making out in their car when a maniac wielding a steel hook attacks them. The pair escape the car and find another couple, Harriet and Ward, slautghtered in the car next to theirs. Soon after, psychiatrist Jack Grefe (Richard Sanders) arrives, along with Sheriff Tom Anderson (Matt Riedy), who is distraught to find his wife, Harriet, is one of the lovers who has been murdered. The killer, Ray Hennessey (Ed Bailey) is caught, and revealed to be one of Jack's patients who had an obsession with Harriet. Ray is incarcerated in a nearby state institution for the criminally insane. Present day, Jack has devoted the last thirteen years of his life keeping Ray, who has gained the nickname "The Hook", behind bars. Meanwhile, Tom's outcast daughter, Mandy Anderson (Erin J. Dean) attends high school with Michael Lamson (Riley Smith), his girlfriend Chloe Grefe (Sarah Lancaster), Bradley (Ben Indra), Janelle Bay (Anna Faris), Doug (Billy O'Sullivan) and couple Cathy
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