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    Good burger

    • Year Released: 1997
    Good Burger is a 1997 American comedy film by Tollin/Robbins Productions and Nickelodeon Movies, released by Paramount Pictures, directed by Brian Robbins, and starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. It was based on the comedy sketch "Good Burger" (starring Mitchell) featured on the Nickelodeon series All That. On the first day of summer, dim witted and very funny Ed (Kel Mitchell) had a nightmare about talking burgers, and ends up being late for work at Good Burger. Meanwhile, a slacking high school student named Dexter (Kenan Thompson) steals his mother's car while she is on a business trip and accidentally crashes into and damages the car of his teacher Mr. Wheat (Sinbad). Dexter is in danger of going to jail as he does not have a driver's license or insurance. But Mr. Wheat agrees to let Dexter pay for the damages to both cars in exchange for not calling the police on Dexter. After determining that the damages will total $2,500, Dexter is forced to get a summer job. He winds up finding employment at Good Burger where he meets and reluctantly befriends Ed and a host of other colorful employees. At the time, neither one of them realize it was in fact Ed who inadvertently caused
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    Miss march

    • Year Released: 2009
    Miss March is a 2009 comedy film directed by and starring Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, stars of the IFC show The Whitest Kids U' Know. The film was released in the United States on March 13, 2009. The movie begins with Eugene (Slade Pearce) and his best friend Tucker (Remy Thorne) as kids. They sneak into the bedroom closet of Eugene's brother, as he recently acquired a valuable Michael Jordan rookie card. Upon opening the box the card was in, Tucker notices that Eugene's brother has an issue of Playboy. Tucker opens the magazine, instantly becoming obsessed with it. Three weeks later, Tucker's demeanor has changed to that of a hormone driven teenager, despite that he is only 8 years old. Fast forward ten years later, Eugene (Zach Cregger) and Tucker (Trevor Moore) are seniors in high school. Tucker is still a huge fan of the Playboy franchise, while Eugene and his girlfriend of two years, Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) are public speakers on the subject of abstinence for younger teens. Despite this, in reality, Cindi has other plans, stating that since they have been together for two years, if she is not Eugene's first then they have big problems. They decide to go through with
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