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    Calmly We Walk Through This April's Day

    "Calmly We Walk Through This April's Day" is a poem by Delmore Schwartz. It is about a person strolling the park as he examines the surroundings and remembers people in his past. This poem, along with "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities", inspired lines in the Star Trek movie Star Trek Generations.
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    In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

    "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" is a short story by Delmore Schwartz. Schwartz's biographer, James Atlas, wrote a thorough account of the story's genesis: Schwartz wrote "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" over a July weekend in 1935, when he was only twenty-one. A day later, his friend William Barrett appeared at the boarding house off Washington Square where Schwartz was living that summer and found the author ecstatic; he knew he had written a masterpiece, a verdict later confirmed by Vladimir Nabokov, who singled [the story] out as one of his "half a dozen favorites" in contemporary American literature. The story was first published in 1937 in the first issue of Partisan Review. A year later it was published in Schwartz's first book of poems and stories which was also entitled In Dreams Begin Responsibilities. The title came from the Irish poet W. B. Yeats' 1914 volume of poems Responsibilities, which has an epigraph "In dreams begins responsibility," attributed to an "Old play." "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" is widely regarded as one of Schwartz's finest stories and is frequently anthologized. Of all of Schwartz's stories, it is probably his most well-known and
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