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    6Notes is a mini-album released on 02007-03-03 March 3, 2007 by members of the J-Pop group BeForU. Each track performed on the album is a solo by one member. This album was available at live BeForU performances and at their official website exclusively and as of 02008-02-29 February 29, 2008, is no longer available.
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    Get set GO!! ~BeForU astronauts set~

    "Get set GO!! 〜BeForU Astronauts Set〜" is a special maxi-single by BeForU with Avex Trax. It was released on December 22, 2006 as a gift near Christmas time. It contains the new song Get set GO!!, an English version of a previous song (Red Rocket Rising), and a rock version of Melody Life. The DVD contains the promotional video, and the making the video of Red Rocket Rising version for the Bemani videogame, beatmaniaIIDX 14 GOLD. In addition, it came packaged with a BeForU T-Shirt.
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    BeForU III: Breaking Into The probability Changes

    "BeForU III: Breaking into the Probability Changes", is the third studio album by the Japanese pop group BeForU, released on March 14, 2007. The album was released as both a single CD and as a CD and DVD combo. Songs from BeForU's three singles with Avex are featured. New songs are also included. Yamato Nadeshiko (Yamato Nadeshiko Spirit) (Released October 18, 2006) Love2Clutch (Released October 18, 2006) Red Rocket Rising (Released November 1, 2006) Get Set Go!!: BeForU Astronauts Set (Released December 22, 2006) Strike Party!!! (Released January 17, 2007)
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    Shangri-La is the fourth album by Japanese pop-group BeForU and the first album featuring the third generation members of BeForU. It is also their first album to be released under the Gambit (Sheeps Eyes) label. It was released on October 8, 2008. Planned to be included with the first pressing of the album is a 20-page color booklet as well as a box of mini-photos.
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    BeForU is the first Japanese studio album by all female J-Pop group BeForU, released in 2003. "チカラ" (Chikara) means "power" or "strength" in Japanese. Originally a song from "GuitarsFreaks 9th Mix & DrumMania 8th Mix, this song is sung primarily by Riyu Kosaka and features the other members as the chorus. "LOVE² シュガ→" is pronounced as "Love Love Sugar". It originates from "pop'n music 8" and is a solo by Noria. "DIVE" was the first song BeForU that BeForU released, the short version debuting in Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix. "ヒマワリ" or "Himawari is the Japanese word for Sunflower. It is a solo song by Riyu Kosaka which first debuted in "GuitarsFreaks 10th Mix & DrumMania 9th Mix". "BABY LOVE" is an exclusive song for this album sung by Noria, and later appeared in beatmania IIDX 10th style. "LOVE♥SHINE" is a solo song by Riyu Kosaka appearing as a shortened version in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME "BRE∀K DOWN!" is a song originating in "DDRMAX 2:Dance Dance Revolution 7th mix" and a similar version, BRE∀K DOWN! -GF STYLE- appeared in "GuitarFreaks 8th Mix & DrumMania 7th Mix. This is a longer version with live style instrumentals. "Silvia Drive" is a song appearing on beatmania
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    BeForU II

    BeForU II is the second Japanese studio album by all female J-Pop group BeForU, released February 14, 2006. "シナリオ" (Shinario, Scenario in English) is originally a song from the Bemani video game "GuitarsFreaks V & DrumMania V". It is the first song to feature the three newer members, BeForU NEXT, exclusively. Freedom originates from "Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection. The original is close to J-Trance and is credited to the entire group, although only Riyu is heard. The album version is sung again by Riyu Kosaka with rock elements. Originally featured in "beatmaniaIIDX12 HAPPY SKY", "I am" is by Miharu Arisawa and is a longer version than one featured in the game. "Under the Sky" was a J-Eurotrance song first appearing on beatmania IIDX12 HAPPY SKY by Sayaka Minami with platoniX. platoniX consists of composer Tatsh and vocalist Junko Hirata. Sayaka's new version is slower, and its instrumentals consist of guitar instead of synths. "KI・SE・KI" was the first BeForU song to feature all of the newly added members for a total of six and first appeared on their "KI・SE・KI" single. The version featured here has more rock elements and features a different arrangement. "Morning Glory"
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