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Best Anna Conda of All Time

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    Anna Conda

    Anna Conda

    Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde is a local activist and community leader who has worked as an advocate for gay rights since 1984. A District 6 resident throughout her 14 years in San Francisco, she is a champion for citywide rent control, taxing non-medical cannabis, decriminalizing homelessness and supporting small businesses. Prior to her run for supervisor, Anna has graduated from District 6 cosmetology school Miss Marty’s School of Beauty, successfully managed and promoted art and nightlife events in San Francisco and has worked closely with AIDS Housing Alliance, Community Housing Partnership, Marriage Equality USA and Restore Equality. In 2008, Anna organized and led four “Take Back the Polk” marches as a show of solidarity with the LGBT and low-income residents being priced out of the upper Polk Street neighborhood. The following year, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence named Anna “Saint Anna Conditional Love; Protector of the Polk” in recognition of her anti-gentrification efforts. As District 6 Supervisor, Anna will continue to serve as an advocate for social changes that strengthen our city and ensure that those who live in San Francisco can do so affordably and with dignity.
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    Charlie Horse

    Charlie Horse is a weekly "punk rock" drag show staged at The Cinch on Polk Street, hosted by 2004 Miss Trannyshack title holder Anna Conda. It has been voted Best Drag Show by SFWeekly, and is well-known for presenting outrageous and outlandish "chaos drag" performances. With the end of Trannyshack, Charlie Horse has become the best place to catch up-and-coming drag performers with a real edge.
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