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    • Year Released: 2002
    Carrie is a 2002 supernatural horror film based on the novel Carrie by Stephen King, originally intended as a pilot for a TV series in which the title character moves to Florida to help others with telekinesis, which never materialized. NBC executives were hoping the series idea would follow the success of an earlier similar effort, The Dead Zone, but due to poor ratings, NBC soon dropped the idea of the Carrie TV series. Therefore, the movie stands today on its own as a "modern" version of the original story. This version of Carrie has only been released on Region 1 DVD. The film begins in a police station. Several people, including high school senior Sue Snell and gym teacher Ms. Desjardin, are being interviewed by a detective about the disappearance of high school senior Carrie White. The film then flashes back to one week before the prom at Ewen High School. The popular girls at school constantly harass Carrie, with Chris Hargensen being especially vicious. After gym class, Carrie has her first period in the shower room and panics. The other girls swarm around the shower and taunt her. Hearing the commotion, Ms. Desjarden comes into the shower, and finds Carrie lying by the
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    • Year Released: 2003
    Dreamcatcher is a 2003 film adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name. It was directed by Lawrence Kasdan, and co-written by Kasdan and screenwriter William Goldman. The film stars Morgan Freeman as Colonel Abraham Kurtz, a shoot-first alien hunter, Thomas Jane as Henry Devlin, Donnie Wahlberg as Douglas "Duddits" Cavell, Jason Lee as Joe "Beaver" Clarendon, Timothy Olyphant as Pete Moore, and Damian Lewis as Gary "Jonesy" Jones. It was filmed around Prince George, British Columbia. Henry (Thomas Jane), Beaver (Jason Lee), Pete (Timothy Olyphant) and Jonesy (Damian Lewis) are four friends on an annual hunting trip in Maine. As children, they all acquired telepathy which they call "the line". A flashback shows them as they save a mentally handicapped boy named Douglas "Duddits" Cavell (as a boy, Andrew Robb; as an adult, Donnie Wahlberg) from bullies and befriend him. Jonesy sees Duddits beckoning him to cross the street, but as he does so Jonesy is hit by a car. His injuries heal with mysterious speed and 6 months later he is able to make the group's annual trip. Jonesy and Beaver meet a man lost in the forest named Rick McCarthy (Eric Keenleyside). He is very ill so the
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