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    Combat girls

    • Year Released: 2011
    Combat Girls (original title "Kriegerin", the German term for a female warrior) is a 2011 German drama film written and directed by David Wnendt. It had its international premiere at the 2011 São Paulo International Film Festival where Alina Levshin was awarded as best actress. The film's beginning shows Marisa (Alina Levshin) dying on a cold shore somewhere in Germany. She and her best friend Svenja (Jella Haase), who is with her, remember how it came to this. As a little girl Marisa is taught by her grandfather (Klaus Manchen) how to punch a heavy sandsack. Only when she mets his expectations he gives his "combat girl" a loving hug. She has no clue her beloved grandfather used to harass and even beat Marisa's mother for being pregnant. The twenty-years-old Marisa still lives in the same town and cherishes her grandpa. She visits him regularly in hospital. Yet at the weekends she mets with her gang of violent xenophobic lower class kids. She and her boy-friend Sandro (Gerdy Zint) go as far as bullying passengers on a train and moreover attack a conductor. After that police raids her house while she pours Grandpa's flowers. Both are arrested and Sandro consequently has to go to
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    The human centipede

    • Year Released: 2009
    "Outside the more outré work of Takashi Miike and David Cronenberg, you won’t have seen anything quite like Dutch avant-garde artist Tom Six’s totally bizarre off-the-wall oddity. Internationally respected Siamese twin surgeon Dr. Josef Heiter has a demented vision for mankind’s future existence. He wants to remove human beings’ kneecaps so they have to exist on all fours and then surgically graft them mouth-to-anus to form a centipede chain. When two stranded female Americans arrive at his luxury home-cum-hospital looking for help, his long-gestating plan swiftly moves into chilling action with a shocking force. Kidnapping a third Japanese male tourist, he begins the tissue matches, teeth removal, and buttock moulding to create his triplet creature… The First Sequence in Six’s intended trilogy features truly unforgettable imagery, clinically dazzling direction, and a so-far-round-the-bend mad doctor performance from German superstar Dieter Laser you’ll scream. Behold the grotesque New Flesh. If you dare!" From the FrightFest website.
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