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Best Ancient albums

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    Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends

    Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends is Ancient's third full-length release. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, Virginia during September 1997. Music as indicated. All lyrics by Kaiaphas except 6 - 9 by Thorne and 14 by King Diamond. Kaiaphas wrote lyrics for the song Sleeping Princess of the Arges in 1994 for his then-band Grand Belial's Key. GBK's version has a different music and can be found on the demo Triumph of the Hordes.
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    The Cainian Chronicle

    The Cainian Chronicle is Ancient’s second full length release. The album has some sort of twisted legacy towards it with the case of Jarno Elg, a Finnish Satanist who allegedly listened to some songs from this album while instigating others to torture the victim and having others eat parts of the 23-year old man. On another note, the album’s length is 66 minutes and six seconds long, which brings on the number of the Beast, 666, from numerology. All music by Aphazel except for 5 by Aphazel and Alex Kurtagić and 9 by Kaiaphas. All lyrics by Kaiaphas except 5 taken from Dante’s Divine Comedy.
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    The Halls of Eternity

    The Halls of Eternity

    The Halls of Eternity is Ancient's fourth full-length release. The cover-art is airbrushed by Perre, a Flemish airbrush artist. This is the first album to feature Aphazel, as band's vocalist. He recorded almost the entire album himself, except for drums, female vocals and guest appearance by Jesus Christ! on one song. Jesus Christ! was a member of the band, but he wasn't able to attend the recording process.
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    Det Glemte Riket

    Det Glemte Riket is Ancient's only 7" EP. It is believed that the band released this themselves as there is no reference to a record label. Along with Emperor, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir and Arcturus this EP was later repackaged in 2000 as part of the True Kings of Norway compilation.
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    Svartalvheim is Ancient's debut album. It was recorded between November 1993 and May 1994 at Hindu Lyd. The album was released in 1994 through Listenable Records and Osmose Productions. All music by Aphazel, all lyrics by Grimm.
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