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    The countess

    • Year Released: 2009
    The Countess is a 2009 film about Elizabeth Báthory. It is the third directorial effort by Julie Delpy, who also stars as Báthory. Delpy has said, of the project, that "it sounds like a gothic [story] but it's more a drama. It's more focusing on the psychology of human beings when they're given power." Erzsébet Báthory was born in 1560 in Nyírbátor as the daughter of the Hungarian general George Báthory of Ecsed. Early on she was brought up, mainly by her mother, to accept hardness and cruelty. For example, she had to watch the torture and execution of her young peasant lover and father of her child when she becomes pregnant. Erzebet's mother takes the child from her directly after birth, never letting her get near the child. As a teenager, she marries the Hungarian baron Franz Nádasdy, with whom she had three children. After her husband's return from a campaign against the Ottomans, where he became ill, he succumbs to the consequences of the disease and dies. Elizabeth is now the sole heir of the property and is looking for recognition in the Hungarian Habsburg King Matthias II, who consents reluctantly, because of the considerable debt he has to the Countess after the Turkish
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