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    Meteor apocalypse

    Meteor apocalypse

    • Year Released: 2010
    Meteor Apocalypse is a 2009 American Christian science fiction film directed by Micho Rutare. A long-period comet is determined to have an orbit that brings it to a direct hit with Earth. All nuclear states fire missiles at the comet, however, each piece of the comet's debris continues to bombard the Earth's surface, contaminating the groundwater. The narrative follows David Dmatti (Joe Lando) in his search for his wife Kate (Claudia Christian) and sick daughter Allison (Madison McLaughlin) who were initially quarantined in Las Vegas. David, finding her driver dead, revives Lynn (Cooper Harris) at a gas station and brings her along with him to Las Vegas. When they arrive, they learn most of the city was destroyed and the quarantined were transferred to Los Angeles, and David obtains the antidote. When it is discovered that the final and largest fragment is to hit Los Angeles, an evacuation is begun, but the quarantined are left behind. Lynn dies, leaving enough antidote for David's daughter when he and his family are soon reunited as the final fragment strikes the city below. The film is produced and is distributed by The Asylum Films. The release date for the film in North America
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