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    The end of man

    • Year Released: 1971
    The End of Man (original title Finis Hominis) is a 1971 Brazilian film by director José Mojica Marins. The unusual and surreal film was made on a low budget, and rather than the often disturbing gothic horror of his previous films, The End of Man conveys a sense of social black humor and tongue in cheek style seen in other Brazilian Mouth of Garbage Cinema (Boca do Lixo) of the late 1960s and early 1970s. A sequel to the film was produced in 1972 titled When the Gods Fall Asleep (Quando os Deuses Adormecem). An mysterious man (Marins) emerges naked from the ocean and proceeds to affect the lives of townspeople, the country, then the world. As he wanders through the town unclothed, he helps a woman in a wheelchair to walk by frightening her into running, then rescues a woman and her child from attackers when he startles them with his appearance. He enters the well-decorated home of a woman with fashionable clothing. Seeing him, she goes to her wardrobe and chooses several pieces of her costumery which he puts on. The outfit includes an ornate turban, a sash, and a pointed baton. He walks through the streets of Santos dressed in this fashion, attracting increasingly more followers
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