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Best Album by JC Chasez

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    Kate is the title of JC Chasez's second solo album scheduled to be released in 2008. He has been working on the album since September 2004. JC explains meaning of the album name: For the album "Kate", JC wanted a change in direction from his 80's throwback debut to a more rock sounding record. The first single, "Until Yesterday", from the record was released in the 2006 fall according to JC'S MySpace. JC stated: So far, no video has been shot for "Until Yesterday", but it did get respectable radioplay. According to FMQB, "You Ruined Me" is scheduled to hit radio stations this April. JC also premiered the new single, "You Ruined Me", on JoJo's Top 9 At 9 radio program on Monday, 26th March. So far, it has peaked at #86 on Mediabase.
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    • Year Released: 2004
    Schizophrenic is the debut and only solo album from ex-'N Sync band member JC Chasez. The album was released on February 24, 2004. Three singles were released from the album:Blowin' Me Up (with Her Love), released on December 3, 2002, Some Girls (Dance With Women), which was his UK debut single, released on November 11, 2003, and All Day Long I Dream About Sex, his last-ever single, released on October 8, 2004. After a year's absence of making music with 'N Sync, Chasez teamed up with friend and producer Dallas Austin to write the song "Blowin' Me Up (with Her Love)", for the Drumline movie soundtrack. Following the single's success, Chasez began writing a record; a record which he intended to be in a different style from that commonly associated with 'N Sync. The album includes a range of dance and electronic music, live strings and traditional rock and roll, with a 1980s vibe to it. The song "Come To Me" includes a sample of Corey Hart's 1983 hit "Sunglasses At Night". All fifteen songs on the album were co-written and produced by Chasez (minus "Shake It"). He worked with producers such as Dallas Austin, Rob Boldt, Basement Jaxx and Rip Rock.
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