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    • Year Released: 1989
    Paradise (named Big Fun in the U.S.) is the debut album by Detroit-based house music duo Inner City, released in 1989. The album was a great success in the UK and in US clubs, and was one of the first house-music albums to cross over to the mainstream charts, particularly in Europe. Group member Kevin Saunderson (along with Juan Atkins, who produced one track) is renowned as one of the originators the Detroit techno sound. Lead vocals on Paradise were performed by the group's other member, Paris Grey. The album was retitled Big Fun for its US release, and the ballad "Power of Passion" was replaced with "Whatcha Gonna Do with My Lovin'" when that song became popular in the U.S. The original U.S. pressing, however, contains the former. A top-three success in the UK, Paradise spun off four top-twenty singles (three of which hit the UK top ten). The first four singles released from the album topped the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart. A remix album featuring songs from Paradise was released in the UK later in 1989.
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