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Ze Frank ( /ˈzeɪ/; born Hosea Jan Frank on March 31, 1972) is an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker based in Los Angeles, California. Frank was born to German-American parents and raised in a suburb of Albany, New York. He graduated from Brown University in 1995 where he studied neuroscience. Information given in the show indicates that he was educated at a Montessori school and also has a sister, who is a painter. Beginning at Brown, Frank played guitar and sang lead vocals for a funk/jam band called Dowdy Smack, along with Blues Traveler bassist Tad Kinchla, until its dissolution in 1998. Frank married his longtime girlfriend Jody Brandt in 2003. They met at Brown University and dated for five years before getting married. Jody is a licensed psychologist. She also officiated at the wedding ceremony of Frank's band mate Tad Kinchla in 2009. Frank and Brandt moved from Brooklyn Heights, NYC, to Westwood, Los Angeles, CA, at the end of 2008. In 2001, Frank created an online birthday invitation and sent it to seventeen of his closest friends. Forwarded wildly, the invitation soon generated millions of hits and over 100 gigabytes of daily web

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