Weiland (Kapitel I: Heidestimmung)

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About Weiland (Kapitel I: Heidestimmung)

  • Year Released: 2002

Weiland (2002) is the fourth album by the German symphonic folk/doom metal band Empyrium. It is the second acoustic album released by the band, and the first to be completely sung in German language. All their previous albums only contained English lyrics, even though two songs on the album Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays have German names, i.e. 'Abendrot' (English: Sunset glow) and 'Wehmut' (English: Melancholy), which are instrumental tracks. The album is divided into three chapters (German: Kapiteln): 1) Heidestimmung ("Moor Sounds"), tracks 1—6; 2) Waldpoesie ("Forest Poetry"), track 7; and 3) Wassergeister ("Water Spirits"), tracks 8—12.

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