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About Wavre

  • Contained by: Walloon Brabant
  • Time zone(s): Central European Time
  • Events: Battle of Wavre

Wavre (French pronunciation: [wavʁ], Walloon: Aufe, Dutch: Waver) is a town and municipality located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant, of which it is the capital. Wavre is located in the Dyle valley. Most of its inhabitants speak French as mother tongue and are called "Wavriens" and "Wavriennes". The Wavre municipality includes the old communes of Limal and Bierges. Wavre is also called "the City of the Maca", referring to the statue of the small boy who tries to climb the wall of the city hall. Tradition holds that touching the Maca's buttocks brings a year of luck. The foundations of a wealthy Roman villa were found very close to Wavre, complete with a portico and many rooms. This part of Gaul, however, was ravaged by the Germanic invasions in the 3rd and 4th century, and it is only in the year 1050 that Wavre was mentioned for the first time, as a dependency of the County of Leuven, part of the Brabant pagus. The chapel built by the counts near the former Gallo-Roman villa was ceded to the Affligem Abbey a few years later. By the 13th century a market already existed in the budding town built at the crossroads of the Brussels-Namur and Nivelles-Leuven roads. In 1222,

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