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Warren James Douglas Kinsella (born August 1960 in Montreal, Quebec), is a Toronto-based lawyer, author, musician, political consultant, commentator on the Sun News Network, blogger and columnist for Quebecor newspapers. He is the president and co-founder of The Daisy Consulting Group. He is the son of physician and medical ethicist Douglas Kinsella, C.M., founder of the National Council on Ethics in Human Research (NCEHR). He and his ex-wife have four children. He is now partner with Lisa Kirbie, a Liberal strategist. In late 2000, he established a blog. Kinsella served as a strategist in the Canadian federal Liberal Party's 1993 election campaign "task force", as a staffer in opposition leader Jean Chrétien's office. After the Liberals won the election to form the government, Kinsella became chief of staff to federal Public Works minister David Dingwall. He also worked in the party's war room in the 2000 federal election, which saw the Liberals win a third mandate, where he gained national exposure by appearing on CTV's Canada AM brandishing a purple Barney dinosaur to mock Stockwell Day's creationist beliefs. Kinsella ran as a Liberal candidate in the 1997 federal election in

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