Van Ness Station

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  • Transit Lines: L Taraval
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Van Ness Station is a Muni Metro station on the Market Street Subway at the intersection of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue (U.S. Route 101) in San Francisco, California. The station consists of a concourse mezzanine on the first floor down, and a single island platform on the second level down. Service at this station began in November 1982. This station is the final station (going outbound) or the first station (going inbound) wherein all of Muni Metro's lines run together along the Market Street Subway (until the Embarcadero Station), and going outbound, the metro lines split into two general directions prior to Church Station: the J and N lines exit the subway before Market & Church Streets to operate on surface streets, while the K, L, M, and S lines continue through the Market Street Subway to serve Church Station. Going inbound, the J and N lines enter the subway through the same portal where they exit outbound and meet up with the L, M, S, and T lines before heading into Van Ness Station.

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