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Torneträsk or Torne träsk (Saami: Duortnosjávri, Finnish/Meänkieli: Tornio or Torniojärvi) is a lake in Kiruna Municipality, Lapland, Norrbotten County in Sweden, in the Scandinavian mountain range. Träsk is the local word for lake (in Standard Swedish it means "swamp"). It is the seventh largest lake in Sweden, with a total area of 330 square kilometres (130 sq mi) and a length of 70 kilometres (43 mi). The lake drains to the south-east through Torne älv. South-west of the lake lies the Abisko National Park and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponian area. Torneträsk originated from the remnant of a glacier, which has given the lake its depth of 168 metres (551 ft), making it the second deepest lake in Sweden. It is usually ice-covered from December through June, with variations dependent on temperature variations. Media related to Torneträsk at Wikimedia Commons

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