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Tod Maffin is a Canadian digital marketing strategist and keynote speaker specializing in social media, mobile marketing, and viral marketing, as well as using social media for employer and school recruitment. Maffin was born and raised in the Vancouver, Canada area. He began his career in journalism, working for KBS radio in Creston in the early '90s as a reporter and weekend anchor. He then moved to the Sunday Press, a community newspaper based in Sechelt, B.C. as the lead civic affairs reporter. Maffin became the Director of New Media at the Haibeck Group, a Vancouver-based public relations firm, developing the early web strategies for large corporate clients. He joined the Internet services firm Emerge Online in 1995 as its Senior Strategist and, later, Vice President of Marketing. In 1997, Maffin moved to Emerge's competitor, IMEDIAT (later rebranded as where, as Executive V.P. of Marketing, he led the company's rapid growth into new markets. Maffin left IMEDIAT to start his own web strategy consulting firm and, in 1999, developed the concept for an artificial intelligence engine that could rank the subjective mood of public opinion. He and three other

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