The work and the glory: american zion

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About The work and the glory: american zion

  • Year Released: 2005

The Work and the Glory: American Zion is the sequel to the 2004 film The Work and the Glory and continues the struggle of the Steed's family's conversion to the then new Mormon religion. The film also explores the family's relationship with their community and its founder, Joseph Smith. This movie is based on Like a Fire Is Burning, the second novel by Gerald N. Lund in the nine-part Work and the Glory series. The date is November 1833, the state of Missouri has turned a blind eye as hundreds of its peaceful inhabitants were hunted down and driven from their homes in the dead of night. Against this impending strife, a young man that has a divine vision leads a people against the aggression of an anti-hero with a vulnerable past. Unless otherwise noted, the information in this article is from the DVD release of this film.

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