The Time of the Ghost

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About The Time of the Ghost

  • Year Released: 1981

The Time of the Ghost is a 1981 novel by British children's author Diana Wynne Jones. It is about a ghost who observes four sisters, knowing she is one of them, but unable to remember which one. The book begins with the words "There's been an accident! Something's wrong!" - and something is. There is a ghost. She does not know who she is, or how she died, or quite where she is. All she knows is that there has been a terrible accident. The as-yet unnamed heroine finds herself attracted to a large building, a boys' boarding school, which she finds to be strangely familiar. After a little detective work, the disembodied spirit concludes that she is Sally Melford, one of a quartet of eccentric sisters (Imogen, Cart, Fenella and Sally) who live at the school and are neglected by their overworked parents, both of whom teach at the school. Their father, only known as Himself, is the headmaster, and his wife, Phyllis, is the school nurse. Both of them are constantly busy with school business, and leave their daughters to fend for themselves. As the plot continues, evidence of time-travel begins to emerge. In the present day, the adult, university-age Sally is in a hospital, badly injured

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