The Thesis

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About The Thesis

The Thesis is the second solo album from Christian rapper The Ambassador. The Thesis is a lyrical exploration of the concept of God as the initiator and benefactor of the Gospel in song, i.e. Holy Hip Hop. In it, The Ambassador proposes that God is pleased when His people skillfully use Hip Hop to reach the lost by creatively dispensing His Word. He further asserts that Holy Hip Hop is part of God’s plan to reach mankind with the Gospel and that it should be used as a tool to do so. Against the backdrop of Hip Hop's cultural significance and theology's critical importance, The Ambassador skillfully proves the validity of Holy Hip-Hop as a God-given tool of the urban missionary. In “The Thesis” he summarizes Holy Hip-Hop’s origins, past, present and future as a mechanism for communicating a biblical worldview and employs all that Hip-Hop has to offer from head-bangin’ beats to lyrical mastery. The result is a compelling example of theologically anchored Hip-Hop that is an undeniably powerful tool for fulfilling God’s cultural mandate. Two videos from the project, My Clothes, My Hair and Get You Open emerged from the project in 2006. They've been seen on the Gospel Music Channel and

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