The Scarecrows

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About The Scarecrows

  • Year Released: 1981

The Scarecrows is a children's novel by Robert Westall, published in 1981. The novel was awarded the Carnegie Medal for 1981, the second Carnegie award for Robert Westall. It is a psychological novel with a supernatural twist, dealing with themes of rage, isolation and fear in a plot concerning a thirteen-year-old boy's reaction to his mother's remarriage. The story is a third-person narrative, but the point of view is entirely that of Simon Wood - his thoughts, feelings and memories, the things he sees and experiences, conversations he has, conversations he overhears. The novel opens at Simon's boarding school, where the poisonous atmosphere of bullying and denigration has nurtured Simon's "devils", as he describes his blind rages. It is there that he first sees Joe Moreton, who has given Simon's widowed mother a lift to an event at the school; Simon loathes him at first sight, regarding him as a "yob", unimpressed by his fame as an artist. He is enraged when he overhears a conversation at an art gallery which makes it clear that Joe and his mother are dating, and when his mother tells him she intends to marry Joe he vainly begs her not to, and refuses to attend the wedding.

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