The railway children

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About The railway children

  • Year Released: 2000

The Railway Children is a 2000 drama television film based on the novel by E. Nesbit. It was broadcast for the first time in the United Kingdom on 23 April 2000. Roberta (Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis live a comfortable and carefree upper middle-class life in London with their parents. But when their father (Michael Kitchen), a senior civil servant, is arrested on a charge of treason and found guilty, they are forced to move with their mother to "Three Chimneys", a cold and rundown cottage in the country near a railway. Whilst Mother (Jenny Agutter) tries to make a meagre living writing stories and poems she hopes magazines and newspapers will publish, the children seek amusement by watching the trains on the nearby railway line (the fictional Great Northern and Southern Railway) and waving to the passengers. They become friendly with Perks, the cheerful station porter, but feel the wrath of the Stationmaster when Peter is caught trying to steal coal to heat the house. They become friends with the Old Gentleman (whose name is never revealed) who regularly takes the 9:15 down train. They ask him to assist them with food and medicine when Mother falls ill. He is happy to do so, although

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