The poet

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About The poet

  • Year Released: 2007

The Poet is a 2007 Canadian drama film starring Colm Feore, Roy Scheider, Kim Coates and Daryl Hannah. It was written by Jack Crystal and directed by Damian Lee, with an estimated budget of CAD $11 million. It was released in the United States as Hearts of War. At the dawn of World War II, a rabbi's daughter and a disenchanted German soldier fall in love and are separated by the war. They struggle on a perilous journey to find one another. Rachel, a young Jewish woman (Nina Dobrev) headed home runs into a snow storm and falls unconscious only to be rescued by Oscar Koenig (Jonathan Scarfe) , a undercover German officer stationed in Poland. Over the next few days, Oscar nurses Rachel back to health and in the process the two fall in love, bonding over the poetry that Oscar writes. Meanwhile, German soldiers infiltrate Poland and destroy Rachel's village, killing Rachel's family. Oscar helps Rachel and Rachel's fiancé, Bernard (Zachary Bennett), escape into the woods, but he refuses to accompany them, despite Rachel's pleas. Oscar goes back to his daily routine, scouting for his father, General Koenig(Kim Coates), whom Oscar has a rough relationship because of their differing

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