The ogre

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  • Year Released: 1988

La casa dell'orco is a 1988 Italian horror film, directed by Lamberto Bava, that is marketed in the UK by Vipco as Demons III: The Ogre, therefore making it a sequel to the Dario Argento movie, Dèmoni. But, like the very similar Zombi series, it has little to no relation to the films it claims to be a sequel to. It, too, is followed by many unofficial sequels. Cheryl, an American writer of horror novels, travels with her husband Tom, and their young son Bobby, to a villa in rural Italy for a few weeks of vacation, and for Cheryl to work on her latest book. When Cheryl begins having nightmares from when she was a child of being stalked by an ugly being, an ogre, she tries to persuade her skeptical husband that the villa has a curse on it and it's using it's power to manifest her nightmares into reality, including the demon/ogre. Cheryl must find a way to face her fear and somehow defeat the ogre before it starts claiming victims.

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