The jerky boys: the movie

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About The jerky boys: the movie

  • Year Released: 1995

The Jerky Boys: The Movie, also known as The Jerky Boys, is a 1995 comedy/crime film starring John G. Brennan and Kamal Ahmed, best known as the comedy duo The Jerky Boys. The film features two men, Johnny B. and Kamal, aka "the Jerky Boys", two self-described "low-lifes from Queens", who get into trouble with the Mafia when one of their prank calls leads them into a money laundering business. The Jerky Boys discover that their long-loved hometown bar will be torn down unless they stop it. Johnny and Kamal are taken into police custody and interrogated by two NYPD cops. They tell the cops about their lives. Johnny and Kamal were kids who made prank calls to Brett Weir's mother and gets him in trouble. The mother spanks Brett when the boys lied to her about her son stealing, cursing, and spitting. Mrs. B beats the boys for prank calling them. 20 years later, Mrs. B demands Johnny and Kamal to get a job, but the two keep on causing trouble and get fired from every job they had, including construction working and Burger Bob. Later, Brett Weir tells them that he has connections with the mob. The boys decided to prank the mob. They end up working with the mob. The main characters

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