The Inventors

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About The Inventors

  • Year Released: 2007

The Inventors is a children's novel, co-written by Alexander Gordon Smith and his brother Jamie Webb. It follows the story of two best friends, Nate and Cat, young inventors who win a year-long scholarship at Saint Solutions, a giant skyscraper. There, under the eye of the world's greatest inventor, Ebenezer Saint, they are given free rein to invent whatever they want. But things take a dark turn when Saint refuses to let them leave the complex, and what started as the opportunity of a lifetime turns to a fight for not only their lives, but for the world. The book was shortlisted for the Wow Factor. Nate is at home, about to test his latest invention - a machine that can dress humans, like in cartoons. However, the invention goes wrong and ruins his room, upsetting his parents. Nate goes to his best friend Cat's house, to test their latest invention, the Bully Blow - also known as Pergophosphaticus III - a goo-like substance that causes whoever eats it to turn blue. They test it on the school bully by putting some in her chocolate brownie, but it is confiscated by the Headmaster, who turns blue when he eats it. Rather than getting Nate and Cat into trouble, he asks them to take

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