The golden coach

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  • Year Released: 1952

The Golden Coach (French: Le Carrosse d'or; Italian: La carrozza d'oro) is a 1952 film directed by Jean Renoir that tells the story of a commedia dell'arte troupe in 18th century Peru. The screenplay was written by Renoir, Jack Kirkland, Renzo Avanzo and Giulio Macchi and is based on the play, Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement by Prosper Mérimée. It stars Anna Magnani, Odoardo Spadaro and Duncan Lamont. An Italian commedia dell'arte troupe arrives in a small Peruvian town in the 18th century. The chief aristocrat in the town, the Viceroy, has acquired a fabulous golden coach from Europe. He is planning to give it to his mistress, but then falls in love with Camilla, leading actress of the troupe, and gives it to her instead. Camilla, enjoying the high life of being the Viceroy's mistress, is also loved by the leader of the troupe, and by the local star toreador. The Viceroy’s ministers are shocked by his profligacy, and threaten to depose him. Camilla eventually solves the problem by donating the coach to the Bishop of Lima. Camilla returns to the theatre troupe, and the film ends with a celebration of theatre's superiority over life. The film was shot at Cinecittà in Rome. A

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