The deaths of ian stone

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About The deaths of ian stone

  • Year Released: 2007

The Deaths of Ian Stone is a 2007 horror film directed by Dario Piana. It stars Mike Vogel, Christina Cole, Jaime Murray, and Michael Dixon. The story centers on an American man living in Britain, Ian Stone (Vogel), who is killed each day by mysterious beings. He then enters a new existence, unaware of his prior lives. When he begins to remember past existences, he is once again in danger of being killed, with each death more gruesome than the last. Ian Stone is an average kid. He loves ice hockey but lives for his girlfriend, Jenny Walker. Late one night while driving home from a painful loss on the ice, Ian comes across a bewildering discovery; what looks like a dead body near the railroad tracks. Investigating the grisly discovery, Ian is attacked by the "corpse", forced onto the tracks and subsequently barreled over by an oncoming train. He wakes up in an office cubicle. He's still alive, but older and shacked up with a beautiful, but eerily mysterious woman by the name of Medea. Jenny is still there, but she's not his girlfriend, just a co-worker and one of a number of apparently familiar faces. Ian meets a strange old man who implies he is in danger. From this old man he

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