Stirling railway station, Perth

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Stirling railway station is a Transperth train and bus interchange located 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) northwest of Perth railway station in Western Australia, on the Joondalup Line. Constructed from 1990 to 1992, it was built as part of the Northern Suburbs Transit System and the Joondalup Line. The station's location presented some interesting design challenges - while the station resides within the Mitchell Freeway road reserve, the road reserve for the future Stephenson Highway runs in an area directly over the station at the southern end of its platforms. During the design of the station and its approach roads, the engineering firm Ove Arup & Partners was tasked with investigating and designing road layouts to accommodate for both future and current needs. Due to the nature of the future Stephenson Highway, a number of road layout options were considered including: All of the above designs involved significantly complex road layouts which amongst others included partial cloverleaf interchanges, and the construction of new bridges connecting the future highway to Cedric Street. Stirling is on the Joondalup Line of the Transperth Trains network, a hybrid metro-commuter rail system

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