Still crazy

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  • Year Released: 1998

Still Crazy is a 1998 comedy film about a fictional 1970s rock band named "Strange Fruit", who, after being split up for several decades, are persuaded to get back together to perform at a reunion of the same concert venue where they played their last gig. The film focuses on the personal lives of the band members and those closest to them, and their individual experiences with approaching middle-age and the success that eluded them. It was nominated for two Golden Globes in 1999. The film opens with the band performing at the Wisbech Rock Festival in 1977. Hughie Case is giving a commentary of how, due to the pursuit of "fame, fortune and fornication" (as well as the drug overdose of their original singer, Keith Lovell), that was their last performance. At the start of their set, lightning strikes the stage and technical problems befall their equipment and the band prematurely ends their performance in frustration over competing egos and various members' lack of self-control. Skip ahead 20 years. Keyboardist, Tony Costello, who now lives in Ibiza, is recognised as one of the members of Strange Fruit by a stranger at a café, whose father happened to be the organiser of the original

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