Steel frontier

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About Steel frontier

  • Year Released: 1995

Steel Frontier is a 1995 science fiction film set in a post-apocalyptic Weird West. In the year 2019, a gang of bandits calling themselves the "United Regime" invade the town of New Hope. They are led by General Quantrill (Brion James), a descendent of the famous Confederate cavalry officer William Quantrill. A mysterious motorcycle riding gunslinger called Yuma (Joe Lara) arrives in town and joins the gang, but plays the thugs against each other, causing the drunken riders to shoot each other. The next morning Yuma's love interest Sarah kills two others from the gang, but the Regime believes Yuma is responsible. Yuma hunts down his accusers and shoots six of them. He is chased by the rest of the gang to the tire refinery, but kills them all, including Quantrill's son. The sole survivor, Ackett (Bo Svenson) escapes to warn Quantrill. Most of the townsfolk flee but Sarah stays to help Yuma. Quantrill descends on the town with his entire army, only to find the road blocked by coffins filled with the bodies of his son and troops. Enraged, he shoots Ackett with a shotgun and enters the town, only to find it empty. The buildings, rigged with explosives, are detonated and most of

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