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Squatters is an online sitcom about two 20-somethings, Hank and Alex, in New York City who get fed up with paying rent and decide to live without an apartment. They each take a unique approach to their housing dilemma. Hank relies on his rugged good looks and frat boy charm to seduce women and “take them back to their place” for the night. Meanwhile, Alex secretly converts his office cubicle into half-decent sleeping quarters and freshens up in the employee bathroom. Squatters is written and directed by Brendan Andolsek Bradley (who stars as Hank), and produced by Bradley, Frank Kramer and Cooper Harris. Production of 14 original episodes for season 1 began on May 13, 2009 with the official season premiere on the popular website, DailyMotion on July 1, 2010. Squatters was inspired and written by Bradley, an actor who experienced several stints "between places" in New York City. While couch surfing in Los Angeles, Bradley had the idea to write a sitcom pilot about two characters who decided to stop paying rent. His vision was to create the "anti-roommate comedy." After successfully producing 3 transmedia commercial campaigns and working alongside digital creators/pioneers Felicia

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